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Feature Requests

Inspired By:? (8)
Personal Dashboard features you'd like to see (13)
Home page vs. Feeds opinions needed (5)
Personalized message from Designer to Maker on sale (5)
How to Post Derivatives (3)
[DONE] Allow upload if PDF files (4)
Streaming Option for Resin Printers (4)
[DONE] Add printer to list (10)
Remove 'FREE' from 'My sales' (3)
Design Feedback (2)
Multiple prints at once when Streaming (4)
Listing Draft Area (4)
Adding videos to the Gallery (15)
Add the number downloads a print gets on Dashboard (5)
Trending selling designs (1)
Design Categories Update (3)
Communicating with other users (5)
[DONE] What happened to the main page? (2)
[DONE] Site browsing (6)
Delete button for comments (4)
Private model sale? (2)
Stream and Downloads options (3)
Negative searches (10)
[DONE] Forum Subsection 'BUGS' (2)
Keyword Trends (1)
[complete] Suggestion: More than 20 files in a design post (11)