Personal Dashboard features you'd like to see

Hey guys!

So with the new year, we’re going to make the Dashboard a more valuable space for users.

I just wanted to reach out and see if anyone has more comments on what they’d like to see. Of course, not everything can be implemented, but we do want to add what we can!

This is what we have so far from you guys:

  • A way to filter “free” sales and “paid” sales so that designer can
    isolate that data on their dash
  • Most recent sale showing up first, rather than oldest
  • Way to sort sales from most downloaded to least downloaded
  • A way for designers to see how much money left in balance SINCE the last payout, to see how much left there is till the next $30+ payout target
  • A summary of a user’s designs with how many “views”, “collects” and “likes” it has gathered instead of having to visit individual design pages separately

This list is currently more designer focused than maker, so please feel free to add more comments!

Top search trends? More content could be catered for the pinshape community if designers knew what people were commonly searching for.

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That’s a good idea!

@fantasygraph? @MorenaP? @dan_steele? and maybe something on the maker side @Chris_Halliday? If you guys have any other thoughts, drop a line! :slight_smile:

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I Think, Month Overall Sales Details can work, also, Country from costumers flag, Special and very original models need a little higher price, free models section sepparated, I know Free models can help to 3d printing community, but our work need to be paid for creativity and best 3D models, hope some ideas can help on this. :smile:

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  • a way to send a ‘news’ to our followers… (twitter like ? )
  • a way to change the price of more than one design with the same price / or free (select numerous models, select a new price for all selected models, apply…)
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@zbrushingmx @fantasygraph

Okay, adding these to list! I think some of these may not be directly applicable to the dashboard, but would be good to implement on other parts of the site :slight_smile:

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Thumbs up for sorting sold and free design, and for sorting by “newest”!
On my user page, I’d like to sort my design as I’d like to. My Movember cookie cutter could be moved down for 10 months of the year, while my Treefrog on the first 2 lines at all times etc.
I’d like to be able to add at least my Facebook page link too.
I also am pretty annoyed by the fact that I cannot see what I liked, only what I put in collections. I can see How many things I liked in Number, not specifically what. So it become sort of irrelevant data, as it doesn’t help remembering what I’d like to print, unless I remeber to put the item in a collection, although creating a collection is a bit slower than liking designs.
I’d like as well a stat graph for the views, so we can see better this data.
Ah, this is irrelevant for this topic, but I have difficulty to find a list of blog entries in Pinshape. I can only see the latest ones or most trending. Is there a comprehensive list somewhere? Thank you!

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Hey @MorenaP, interesting note re: sorting your designs in a customized way. It currently is sorted by newest --> oldest on a designer’s profile, but of course, there are other sorting features for when a user searches for designs on the general search bar. Interesting note!

As for the blog posts, there isn’t a comprehensive list. However, to narrow down your search, you can go to the top right, under “Categories”. Hovering over it will show a variety of categories that you can select from! And of course, if you know what you’re looking for, you can also type in keywords into the “Search” bar.

I think most of what I had thought of has been covered here already. I cant add anything at this time.

Thanks everyone for your input! I’ve compiled this and make sure these get discussed and looked at when we start on upgrading the Pinshape dashboard!

I wouldn’t mind the content under clicking Dashboard and clicking your name change…I can never remember what data is where. Often times I want to see a list of my printers to double check I posted one or want to get to one of my collections and I have to get through both to find what I’m looking for. I’d like to see it all under Dashboard and only maybe my personal profile settings under clicking my name.

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“Trending” rank next to each of my designs in the dashboard.

I’m not sure if the “Trending Designs” area is an infinite list but wouldn’t mind having that quick view to see where the design is placed or even placed at all.


Trending is based on what’s recently downloaded on the Pinshape platform. A download triggers bumping a design onto the top of the trending list on the front page :slight_smile:

We may look into adding “trending” to designs in a future update though. The upcoming dashboard revamp should feature a summary of your most liked designs and such, so hopefully that helps with identifying which designs are your most popular as well.