Home page vs. Feeds opinions needed

Hey guys,

We wanted to get some opinions on replacing the current home page with the feed.

How this would look is that when you go to https://pinshape.com, you’ll be taken directly to your feed, similar to how Facebook works.

So some questions are:

  1. Do you find the current home page really useful? What specifically do you like about it?
  2. Have you tried the feeds?
  3. Is the feeds missing something you’d like to include that’s currently on the homepage?

The home page is more general, and we thought it might be more valuable to you guys to be directed to the feeds section, since it’s more personalized according to people the user is “following”.

Feel free to leave comments outside of the above questions as well!

I like pinshape.com’s landing page. It’s a clean and simple layout and it is nice to see the trending and newest designs in one section. When I go to the main site I am primarily there to upload a design or am looking for a specific type of design to print so I don’t use the feeds. The people I follow I follow on instagram or twitter. Probably would use the feed if it could be set to display new designs more to my tastes.


  1. I dont tend to use the homepage much. I dont tend to search the homepage prints. I usually land on the homepage and work from there to my notifications and then the feed.

  2. You betcha. I tend to try to check my feed at least once per day.

  3. For items to bring over to the feed. The clickable design classifications, 'All Designs, People+Creatures etc might be useful as well as including the featured designer of the month on the feed somewhere.

(sorry about my long-winded post/reply’s, but, yeah, this is going to be another one, lol)
We’re all here looking at this from different perspectives.

  • Website Administrators, like to see community involvement, so might prefer a facebook style UI.
  • Designers, like to keep track of their models, so might prefer something similar to a combination of Amazon and Paypal.
  • Makers/Customers, are not high on the priority list, but are probably the majority of the website visitors.
    That said, as a maker/customer, I like landing on the homepage, but would also like to offer some suggestions.
  • The font size and images are too big., and the scrolling blog post images are too fast. I get the sense the most webpage designers are using a 24" monitor during the layout, but the average internet user/visitors is probably using a laptop. As i view the homepage from a laptop, all I see is the scrolling blog post,so, there is too much scrolling, just to see other homepage topics.
  • Reduce the blog post images scrolling speed by 1/2, also reduce the images size by 1/3.
  • Reduce the other topics image sizes(trending,new,prints,featured) , so that 5 at a time are view-able. Maybe even have them also scroll thru the last 10-15 post.
  • Move the Pinshape info at the bottom of the page, up to the top.
  • Remove the Community links, they are just redundant.
  • Add new topics: “Top downloads” and “Top Purchases”.
  • I don’t know what algorithm Pinshape uses for “trending designs”, but how does a design with “0 -likes” get to the front page ?? If it is based on views, over a time period, maybe that term should be increased.

I’ll let you if I can think of anything else, LOL, j/k.
You folks are awesome, and have a great website.

Thanks guys, this is super valuable information!

And very thorough analysis @Gene_Crady— much appreciated! :slight_smile: