Add the number downloads a print gets on Dashboard

I think it would be advantageous to add the number of downloads a project gets to the metrics that people see. I think that informs some dimension of the utility of the designs.

Just a thought (it would be useful for someone like me that is interesting in seeing the impact I am having within a community)

i don’t think it’s a metric that the people (other than the designer) need… BUT it’s a ‘Must have’ for the designer. HE want to know that… and it can replace the awfull list of all downloads one by one that have zero utility (apart to take your time when you want to see the last downloads of your models (at the end of the list) … when you get hundred of downloads, it can take a lot of time to pass thru the whole list…

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I agree with it being essential for the designer.

I think that the ‘likes’ aren’t as useful as the number of downloads though in terms of sorting what makes a ‘good’ model. Something might interest me but I’ll only download it if it has some actual utility to me or if I determine it has a solid level of fidelity.

I think it could be an interesting info for the designer, to keep track of its most popular designs, but it may be a double blade for a costumer, as a new design may have zero to very few downloads, but that doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the design.

This makes a lot of sense for sure. We have a number of updates in mind and in the queue for improving tools and information for all you designers. Keep the ideas coming so once we start working on it we can really improve the experience!