Personalized message from Designer to Maker on sale

My idea is to add the ability to have a personalized (canned) message that gets sent to the Maker when a model is purchased.

1.) A generic one, such as a Thank you so much this means so much to me, etc.
2.) Message per design, such as Thank You Check out my similar designs (in same category), or you may also be interested in, etc.

Let me know what you all think.




I think this puts a nice personal touch! So it would work more like a personalized, automated message from a designer to a maker who purchases their files?

Etsy has the option to add a personal message to buyers, therefore the Designer can choose what is important for him/her to communicate. Of course Pinshape can suggest some guidelines for such message.
The weird thing with Pinshape is that the Designer cannot know who’s the costumer, while generally this should be the most important data to know, for statistics, thank you notes, coupon codes offers for repeated costumer, etc.
I support the idea (I think we talked about it as well a few month ago, but not sure if that idea made it the “to do” list). Cheers!

Yes that is the idea.

These are very good points. My initial thoughts were that it is a bit strange not knowing who is making the purchase but have just excepted it for what it is. But knowing who your customers are may allow Designers to offer extras. To add a bit more to that suggestion though, customers should also be able to opt out of communications so to prevent constant bombardment of messages.


Hey Neil,

I’ll look into this— I think one thing we want to avoid is email spam. So perhaps this can be implemented on the Pinshape platform somehow. And I like the point regarding the ability to opt out. Thanks for your suggestion!