Picture order

i hate that i cant reorder or change the order of my pics for viewing. like thingiverse does!!! i tell you you can learn alot from thingiverse… also the fact that thingiverse has 1 box to load my stl files and my pictures too… i can make a list of stuff thats not as good as thingiverse. you need to change a few things to be as good as thingiverse… its no wonder pinshape almost closed down…

This topic is significantly better suited in the ‘Feature Requests’ section and so it has been moved there to become a consideration as a possible future upgrade. Thanks.

Hi John,

One way to currently work around this is to upload your pictures in the order in which you want them to show up! And you can choose which one you want to show up first as your main picture.

I will definitely jot down that there’s a request for picture ordering though! Thanks for your suggestion!

John, would it be sarcastic to imagine you are being sarcastic or not?