Streaming Option for Resin Printers

Hey, all.

I’ve been printing with a LittleRP resin printer lately, and there are a few designs that I’d love to print, but they only have streaming options. ( for example)

Is there any support in the works for streaming to non-FDM machines, or are they excluded from printing those models?

Do you know if the printer uses gcode? There is good chance it will work with the streaming option if it does and it may be a matter of adding it to the list of compatible printers.

I’ll have to get in touch with 3DPrinterOS, the company behind our streaming solution, to find out. You can also just give it a shot using a small, free, simple model like this:

If you do try it, let us know the results!

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Resin printers that use DLP projectors do run on GRBL and take GCode, but it’s not like how other printers work. The only GCode involved is for the Z axis position. The X and Y dimensions of the object being printed are video that gets sent via HDMI to a projector.

Basically, the slicers for DLP based resin printing turn each layer into a B&W image. A print uses GCode to position the Z height for that layer, the software flashes the video image to expose that layer, then GCode moves the Z to the next position, flashes the next slice’s image, moves the Z, exposes another layer, so on and so forth… They’re not using GCode to position a tool-head in the X/Y plane like the hot-end of an FDM machine.

This isn’t exactly how my machine moves, but it’ll give you an idea.