Design Feedback

I have people downloading my designs multiple times per day, but it seems that very few users are remembering that feedback on designs, their printability and just plain posting their prints is an integral part of the “Community”. I think it would be nice to provide the user base with a regular gentle reminder to provide feedback.

Maybe provide a monthly email with links to the designs they downloaded that month asking for ratings/feedback might be a gentle way to help improve design quality, as well as to encourage more people to actually try to create content and become more integrated into the community.

Just a thought

Hey there!

We do want to cut down on the amount of emails people receive, as we have definitely had complaints on our volume of emails. However, there are reminders for people to upload a print and share their comments on the design— the frequency is not as you suggested though. That may be something for us to consider: a monthly reminder email. That may be seen as less disruptive! Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

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