[DONE] Add printer to list

Hey Guys,

I’m testing one of these printers http://revolution3dprinters.com/ (Infinity 3D)

I’ve got some prints to upload but the printer isn’t on the list and I don’t see a way of adding one…


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Hey Dan,

I’ve gone ahead and added these two:
Revolution 3D Printers INFINITY 3D Single Nozzle
Revolution 3D Printers INFINITY 3D Dual Nozzle

Thanks for letting us know!

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Wow that was quick. Thanks Nick!

Now that I have a working printer here again I can start pumping out x-mas decorations :).


Happy to help! Looking forward to seeing what you print Dan! I just printed off the nutcracker and it turned out great!


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Ahh a Vancouver Island printer! I had always wondered how the Revolution 3d printers are. Are you enjoy it so far @dan_steele

I’ve only got two prints on it so far, but so far so good :smile: . I’ll know more after I’ve had a little more time to get used to the slicer. It’s solidly built though so it physically should be capable of much. These days though I find much of the difference in print quality are due to slicers more than machine differences.


@dan_steele I will have to swing by their shop next time im south island. They run their own slicing software?

They use Matter Control (which isn’t their own but it’s customized for their bot), and the printer has a Wifi enabled tablet built into it with the software right on the tablet so you can slice on the printer itself or slice on your desktop and send gcode to the printer over the cloud.

I’ve just never used Matter Control before so my prints are still mostly focused on playing with the settings.

They’re in a new spot out by the airport though and it’s worth stopping by to check out. If you email Warren first I’m sure he’ll make time to give you the grand tour.

Cheers, thanks @dan_steele