Listing Draft Area

It would be really handy to have a “draft” area or “save listing for later publish” area before publishing.

Mainly, for me, I don’t always have everything ready to go but would like to get started.

Anyone else share this view?

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+1 … i like to write the story of my models, and sometimes i didn’t have the time to finish, and i need to redo all the upload… a check box like ‘stay private’ / ‘later publish’ will be nice

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+1. I don’t publish any of my models until after I’ve printed them myself. It would be more convenient though to upload them when I’ve finished designing them into a staging area and then publish them as I finish prints. I would help me keep track of what I haven’t printed yet too…

+1 … Internet connection cuts out from time to time and it can be a headache to have to re-upload everything when it occurs when trying to submit.