Multiple prints at once when Streaming


I’ve been asked to be able to print multiple pieces on the printing platform at the same time, but the streaming option would allow only one print at the time.
Would it be possible to allow the purchase of multiple copies through streaming (in case the model sells for a prince, if the price is 1$, and the buyer want to print 10 of them at the same time, he’ll pay 10$), and to allow them to be placed for printing on one surface at the same time?

Great idea, but the software on the server probably isn’t capable , yet.
Personally, I haven’t had a chance to try streaming yet, so forgive my naivete.
Streaming sounds even more riskier than printing direct from PC. SDcards and thumbdrives eliminate lots of variables.(for me)
I assume the files are pre-sliced, and stored on their servers. Someone at Pinshape would have to manually build that plate of items, and re-upload it, as a custom “one-time” file, specific to your printers bed size. That might cost 3to5x more.(i would think)

Duplicat , =^…^=

3DprinterOS allows to do some transformation option on the printing platform (scale, rotate, translate), and usually the multiple models print options are implemented in other slicing softwares.
I guess the work around would be, for now, to upload a different stl with a number of models already placed for multiple model printing, depending by the costumer request.
Let me know if anybody has other suggestions, and if this may be an interesting feature for others as well.

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Hi @MorenaP, thanks for the suggestion. More advanced features for streaming are certainly something we’ve considered, we just haven’t seen a lot of use on streaming, or a lot of requests for advancements yet. There are a lot of things we’d like to add to the functionality (print time estimates BEFORE starting a print, multiple objects on the bed, saved slicer profiles etc).

We’ll certainly add your suggestion to our Feature Proposal list and dig a little deeper into it when we do some more work on streaming.