Inspired By:?

Thought id start some discussions and see what folks think about an Inspired By: feature for your designs.

My thinking on this would be that you’ve been scanning the Pinshape database, you see User X has a neat design of a Tree lets say. You are then inspired by User X sharing this design that you take and modify or start a fresh design of User X’s design and upload it yourself. During the upload process a field is available where you then add in User X’s design that inspired you to design the file you are about to upload. Once you have completed your design upload something along the lines of a small sample image and “My design was inspired by “Tree” by User X” could be displayed on your designs page.

Anyways, would love to see what people think about this. Is it a good idea? Have I overlooked something? Thanks!

Like it. Love it. Wanted it for a while.

True, this sort of thing can (and should for reasons of attribution) be included in the description. But a gentle reminder and groovy UI element would be appreciated.

Though, I’m not sure it should be limited to Pinshape. My inspiration comes from everywhere.

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Such a nice idea!

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What sort of ideas do you think would be good for a gentle reminder/UI element @joealarson ?

Just a prompt, a box that says “Inspired by” is a reminder to uploading designers that they need to attribute.

@Chris_Halliday @joealarson @MorenaP That’s a good idea— I know people currently provide attribution if they’ve remixed a design in the design’s description, but a more straightforward way to link between designs that were inspired by each other is definitely good. And definitely helps with encouraging proper attribution.

That’s a good point, Joe, with the outside attribution for models that were remixed from a design outside that allows for free remixing.

Will bring this up with the team!

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Thanks @Karen

I was hoping it could be a ‘different’ way to look at design attribution over the typical way we’ve seen it done so far :slight_smile:

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Different is definitely good :slight_smile: