[DONE] Allow upload if PDF files

Maybe this one is an easy win?

Many models require supplemental documentation so good examples are:

This rad looking oldschool game uploaded by joealarson:
The game pieces and board are there but he has to point you at another 3D model site to download the instructions

Ditto DutchMogul’s pocket tactics games require game play instructions:

Complex models such as Daniel Noree’s OpenRC stuff requires a fairly hefty amount of documentaiton that could best be served in a pdf: https://blog.pinshape.com/openrc-f1-3d-printed-car-debuts-on-pinshape/

In all of the above cases the model publishers have had to embed URLs in their descriptions that point the user away from Pinshape to find the documentation…

Some of the models I’ll be publishing soon will require fairly substantial documentation to assemble and I’d like to keep the documentation grouped together with the model so that if I make a new revision when people download the new model they’ll get the new documentation that goes with it…and if they find the old model somewhere they’ll get the correct documentation for that as well.


Hey Dan,

This code has already been written and is just being tested. In the next day or two we’ll have support for pdf, txt and docx files!


Hey Dan,
The update is live. Design uploads can now now include .pdf, .txt and .docx files!


Awesome :). Thanks Nick!

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