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The 3D community is small, let’s all get cozy and get to know one another.

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This is EddieY with Pinshape.
I am a tech geek and 3d printing enthusiast. I have been following the 3d printing and maker movement and recently started 3D printing myself. Looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing my print photos, failed and successful ones!

Hey everyone, I’m Nick. I’m one of the co-founders here at Pinshape.

I’ve been involved in 3D printing for about 2.5 years now but still have so much to learn. I have a background in electrical engineering and worked in a company that designs and builds consumer electronics so the technical side of 3D printing really interests me. My favorite part about 3D printing so far has been trying to improve the prints I make. Everything from which filament to use, to which settings to use and making hardware adjustments keeps me busy on the maker side, but I’m sad to say I haven’t been able to devote much time to learning any design software to make my own stuff yet.

Feel free to follow me as I scour the cool stuff on Pinshape to find my next print for the Ultimaker 2 we have in our office!

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Hey! I’m Sergey from Minsk, Belarus.

I’m excited with the 3D printing technology and looking forward into a fast & cheap 3D printer I can use to make great prints!
BTW, if you are looking for the smallest design to 3D print - this one is probably for you

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Hey all, I’m Karen and new to 3D printing, but huge fan of the tech industry :slight_smile:

Entering the 3D printing world both amazed (My printer can make its own supports?! You can print stuff that have moving parts without assembly?!) and disappointed me (why aren’t printers cheaper?! Why do my prints keep failing?!). Excited to see what else I learn and print more! :slight_smile:

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Oh haaaay, friends!

I’m Victoria, resident UI/UX/Graphic Designer here at Pinshape. I like to keep things light, keep things playful, and litter bouts of love and joy wherever I go. It’s sickening, I know… 3D Printing is a totally new space for me as I’m sure it is for many of you still, since things are constantly being improved and new things get released into the market.

I’m always shocked and amazed and go a little bit gooey inside when 3D print lovers Like my posts on Twitter and Instagram. :heart_eyes_cat: You guys are awesome!

So let’s continue to discover this space together! I’m learning how to serve makers, designers, and all the key players in 3D printing, better with Tell me how I’m doing at victoria[at]

See what I’ve 3D printed on my Pinshape profile.

Mark here from Texas. A big HOWDY to you all! I’m in the public education arena. I introduced and bought my first 3D printer at our school in 2011 ($10,000 - WOW!). I’ve been an advocate and lover ever since I drank the 3D printing Kool-Aid. I’m at a new school now where I have implemented 3D printing into all grades from kindergarten to high school and in all subjects using 3 printers. I spend much time fulfilling invitations at conferences, conventions, and workshops presenting 3d printing curriculum and sharing my story about my journey. I’ve recently developed a state competition for public schools in 3D printing and we will host the first contest in the 2016-2017 school year. I am not much of a creator but more of a consumer of other printing models. I have the privilege to have designers at our school who teach the students what I have yet to learn. I’m a big believe that 3D printing has and will continue to change our world, and will become an important skill for future job opportunities. I am honored and humbled to have been chosen to be an Ambassador for one of my favorite new websites PINSHAPE! I’m looking forward to collaborating and learning with you all! Follow me on Twitter @t3chl0gic


Hello, I’m DUPLICAT. Like any typical cat, I am curious, nosey, daring, and finicky. I’ve been flowing the emerging hobbyist/maker movement for since 2013. I started printing in 2014, and I must admit, it has changed my life forever (and name). Becoming proficient with all the technical and intellectual challenges that Additive Manufacturing has to offer, is my desire.
My background is in the building industry, so CAD is kinda becoming my forte, for the moment.
Also, being mechanically inclined, I have developed a passion for refurbishing used 3d printers.(all types)
After printing shelves full of mono-color “thingyies”, I started to work on post-process finishing, to give that extra intention to detail that makes models come to life.
3D communities have taught me so much, and I sincerely appreciate anyone that takes the time to share their expertise, design or desire with us all.


Hi I am Kevin , I just bought a 3 D printer and have a lot to learn


Nice! Which printer did you get? :slight_smile:

Hi Karen, I purchased a Flash Forge 3d Printer Creator Pro it arrives tomorrow

Heard good things about it, and having a closed print area sounds great for a wider variety of filament use! Good luck with your new printer!

Thanks Karen

Chris here from beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I am currently living in a little town at the north end of Vancouver Island.

I am excited to be a part of Pinshape. I have been impressed so far and I am excited to see what is to come in the near future. I also look forward to meeting other Pinshape users as well!!

Thanks all,


Welcome Chris! Our head office is actually in Vancouver. If you’re ever in the city, let us know!


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Nice! BC Maker! :slight_smile: Definitely pop by some day if you’re in the city!

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Thanks for the welcome Nick and Karen. I appreciate it. I would love to take you up on the offer to check out the head office. I will keep that in mind next time I am over on the mainland.


Hello everyone! If you interesting to see souvenirs or chibi toys. Check out my profile!

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Great designs @Slayter. I like the Minions you have as well as the Sub Zero Chibi!

Hi guys,

I’m Fahad, I’m obsessed with technology and love 3D printing. I just thing people haven’t unleashed the potential of 3D printing. Shapeways and pinshape are trying but only for a niche group of people. I decided to do a 3 month project related to 3D printing and here is the result,

App Download Here:
Workflow Video Here:

Please give me some feedback on this project. Its also nice to see how excited and motivated people are on this FORUM :slight_smile:

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