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HEY! Hi everyone!
Here is my collection of my chibi toys. Also my Jewelry collection

My Collection


Hello Guys, nice to meet you all here. hope to study a lot knowledge about 3D printing here.


My name is Errol. I’m 65 years old and have a great interest in new tech and challenging myself to to use it and get to know how it works. I have a Geeetech i3 Pro B, I have been using it for about 3 months I am very impressed with it and it can do, I see it as a step toward Star Treks replicator


Hello everyone. I just joined today. I have a FFCP 2015, FCCP 2016 and a UM2 (I have the 2+
upgrade kit but have not upgraded yet.). I got the first printer FFCP 2015 Jan/2015. I’m working with 123 doing basic things, and trying to get better.


Hi guys my name is Grant Cameron I am a proud Aboriginal man and I work for a non for profit org in Redfern, I work in the Indigenous Digital Excellence team as a Learning Experience designer. I create workshops for Remote, Rural and Urban kids across the country to have equal opportunities and access to all the modern tech that is around. At the moment we do 3D printing workshops with a ME3D printer, we also do Lego Mind storm Robotics (Coding) workshops, Drone flying workshops and Coding (game building) workshops.
I am trying to find out if anyone has aver heard of or used a Filament made from Spinifex resin, I have heard of people using this but I am having no luck finding any. If anyone has used filament like this I would love any info or advice about using this resource.
Hopefully someone knows something about **Spinifex**resin based filament.


Welcome @Errol @stuart_riggs @grant_cameron its good to have you all on board. See you around the forums!


I’m D,
I think I have finished building my Sunhokey (Prusa i3 clone). It doesn’t come with instructions. I’m looking forward to sharing designs. Odd ice trays are on my list. But right now I’m still looking for printer drivers and info. :woman_technologist:


iam from qatar. Iam new to this forum.


Iam jesly, iam from india. 3d printing is actually the process of building 3d objects from a digital profile. kerala tour agency It is now an emerging technology. Ian planning to do my project using 3d printing technology. Iam researching more about this.


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