April Fool? seem not

end of pinshape ? the 31 march ? damn blog message so real … as the contest “superman vs batman” was closed before the end…

It smells bad.

Sayonara and good luck the team… it was a good place

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Hey @fantasygraph,

Unfortunately, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. We got the notice this morning that our investor had fallen through, meaning we wouldn’t have the funds to continue to run Pinshape :frowning:

Thanks for your kind words and it was a lot of fun working with everyone!

My boyfriend and I love your designs, and we’re excited to see what else you’ll come up with in the future :slight_smile: Would http://www.makershop.co/shop/fantasygraph be the appropriate place to find your new designs?


thanks… yep… more easely, you can follow www.fantasygraph.com that will always link to my current place (that is currently http://www.makershop.co/shop/fantasygraph )

and i will upload a new steampunk lady in the next few days…

RAHH… it’s a sad sad day… it was a pleasure to work with you and all the team…

Again i wish you the best for the future…


Indeed it was sad news to receive today. The site and team shall be missed.


Thank you Tanya :’( It was wonderful knowing you and thank you so much for all you’ve contributed! Keep in touch!

Say it isn’t so!!! This is terrible news. Thank you to all the Pinshape staff for a wonderful and unique experience. I hope you all move on to greater things.


I’m so sad to see Pinshape go! I was just about to upload a really cool Stanley Cup design and a phone case I made! Is the forum going too? :cry:

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Thanks @neilblue! Best of luck with you too!

Hey @caitlin_le, sadly, yes. After March 31st, it’ll all be going (bills to pay!). Thanks for your time in the community!


Nothing but good things to say about Pinshape and the Pinshape staff which are second to none! Well executed website and an enjoyable place to spend my time over the past few months! I remain positive that Pinshape can acquire future investment to continue!

As well, the creativity of all the users of Pinshape amazes me each and every day.



Damn and I was so excited about Pinshape. This is truly a big bummer. Wish I had the money to invest

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NNooo !! :sob: This is heart-breaking. :broken_heart: You folks were the best. #1, “Numero Uno”, “The Cats Meow”.

Thank you so much Pinshape staff for working so hard at producing the most amazing 3DP file-sharing site available, and especially Karen for making this site such a wonderful 3DP community experience.

Best wishes to everyone, Staffers, Designers and fellow community members. Hope that we may all cross paths again at some point the future.

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Is there anyway for us, the Pinshape community, to save Pinshape? Like crowdfunding, or donations, etc?

I just realized how much of an impact this has on me, as for many others. When I heard the news, I just stopped printing and designing and creating because everything I was doing was for Pinshape. I honestly don’t know what I will do now because I’ve been using this platform for the last 6 months, and I loved it every second.

Hopefully, we can bring it back (or at least see it in the future).


I have had similar thoughts racing through my head but I’m sure there is a larger picture here that we can not see.

I find it really hard to imagine someone/company not wanting to snatch up Pinshape

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Maybe Pinshape could (or has already?) approach a 3d printer or materials manufacturer ?
Makerbot started Thingiverse.
Ultimaker started Youmagine.
Selling front page exclusive advertising and marketing rights for (?_______?) printers and their products, would seem to be an attract opportunity for a manufacturer that would want to build a solid “click-thru” community following.
Granted, MBI and Ultimaker did not get caught-up in to race-to-the-bottom for pricing their equipment, and that left them some overhead room to develop and maintain their websites. Not to mention that Vancouver has got to be one of the most expensive places in the world to be running a business from.
Some solid players that come to mind:

  • Lulzbot
  • Printrbot
  • Amazon (haha, shooting for the moon with that one)

Yeh, it’s a long shot, bundled with a whole lot of wishful thinking, but, just throw’in it out there.


Dude, this is truly a #totalbummer. I just found this site like 2 months ago and was using it as my go to for files and online printing community. Please tell me someone on the staff will be resurrecting this somewhere down the line. It was an awesome site, and great community that I just don’t want to see disbanded.

Yup this sucks. I feel like we had a really good community here. All the best in the future to everyone involved.



Hey guys,

Really tearing up here (just kidding, basically crying). At the moment, as our Goodbye message reads: “we will continue to explore options to transition the platform to a new home.” So we will work hard and we’ll see if something gets figured out, fingers crossed. The best thing you can do to help is let the world know how much you liked Pinshape with a tweet or some other love on social media.

We do have to wrap up before this end of month though, because each month incurs reoccurring expenses (such as just keeping the servers which hosts the massive amount of data on Pinshape) which we currently won’t be able to pay. It was a little late notice when the investor we were talking with ended up backing out, so there’s not much that can be done now so close to the end of the month.

Thank you everyone for your support :’) And it really breaks my heart that we’re saying goodbye. But I hope you all keep in touch with one another (and keep making 3D printing better!), and you guys can always reach me via Twitter, or various other social media outlets :slight_smile: You’ve all been the best and it was my pleasure being your community manager!


Good luck to you all at and on Pinshape, will miss you lots
thanks for everything
good luck

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I wish everyone the best of luck. You really made me feel welcome here. Thanks for all your support. I can’t say enough good things about this crew. There’s a real tear running down my cheek right now. Bye.