April Fool? seem not

Hey everyone, great news!

We’ve had an overwhelming amount of interest and support from the 3DP community and we’re hopeful that we’ve found a company that shares our vision of Pinshape to take over. As a result, there will be no interruption in service! Yay!

Thanks to everyone for your outpouring of support the last few days. There have been so many kind words!

We look forward to keeping you updated with a more formal announcement in the days to come!



That is spectacular news!!! I’m so glad to hear it Nick.


SO HAPPY!!! :'D Thank you so much for everyone’s support! It’s been a tough rollercoaster, but really glad that everyone was here to see us through!

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Great news, looking forward to more news in the near future!

… it smell like a PR stunt in final… :scream: :smirk: :sunglasses:

:joy: I’m so happy! Although…this kinda seems like an April Fools joke… This better not be one cause I’m so gonna cry if it is! But I trust you guys so congrats!

Wait if there is a new company that’s gonna take over, are you guys (@Karen @nick_schwing) gonna stay or are their gonna be new employees? Cause I hope you guys stay :relaxed:

In terms of details, we will be releasing something a little down the line :slight_smile: There’ll probably be more answers to questions when that gets released!

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AWESOME !! but, Wheww, that was close.

OK, obviously there still has to be something done to compete with freebie repositories. And since I am the guy with more ideas than talent, here is a few to consider, that might bring in more subscribers = $.

  • Get on Youtube… You folks are young, cute, smart, energetic and talented. Vlog it.!
  • Stream Live designer sessions… w/chat… Watching designers “do their thing” in real-time, is more educational than YT demonstration vids.
  • Open a Patreon account… Maybe even paid subscription ($1/mo -basic , $5/mo -for discount codes , $10/mo - front page ad)
  • Options for checkout (Download - Stream - In-house 3DP - Local 3DP services - Professional 3DP services
    Glad that Pinshape has another opportunity to gain a foothold in this still emerging market and technology, and I will continue to purchase models here to feed my maker-obsession.
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3D printing is the new “making new things” trend.
Many people use this to create new things and possible to help others.
So it will not close.

Rapid 3D Printing Of High-Res, Viable Human Organs Possible

I still haven’t contribute to society yet.