Why is Pinshape allowing music downloads

People are uploading music albums and Gift cards for download. This needs to be stopped and removed.
It is illegal to post music for download. As far as the gift cards, this is not craigslist. it is only for people to post downloads for things to make. If Pinshape wont do any thing I am removing my designs and only posting on Thingiverse. This crap needs to be removed.

Hi G3DBuilder,

Do you honestly believe you are that important they’ll take any notice of you and will really miss all 5 of your designs…

Seriously, there is far more important things going on at the moment than this, get over it and just enjoy life and stop worrying about things that really don’t affect you…

Have a nice day, chill out and relax…



Very little happens here, I kind of welcome some activity, even if it’s from up & coming musicians.
promoting their own creations… and it’s sporadic, not quite spam.

Pinshape is an online platform and community focused on 3D printing. It allows users to share, discover, and download 3D printable models and designs. The platform enables 3D printing enthusiasts, designers, and makers to showcase their creations and collaborate with others in the 3D printing community. Users can upload their designs, access a library of 3D models, and engage with a community of like-minded individuals interested in 3D printing technology. Also download your favorites music and songs from there.

It’s possible that there might have been changes or expansions to the platform’s features or offerings since my last update. If Pinshape has indeed started allowing music downloads, it could be part of a strategic decision to diversify their content or to meet the demands and preferences of their user base sad status video download. Platforms sometimes evolve and expand their services to offer a broader range of content or to enhance the overall user experience.

If Pinshape has expanded its services to include music downloads or if there have been changes to its business model since my last update Use it offline, I recommend checking the official Pinshape website or contacting their customer support for the most accurate and current information. Company policies and offerings can evolve over time, and new features may have been introduced since my last update.