Where are the textures?

Hello! I’m new to this 3d printing thing. I’d like to print colored objects but there aren’t 3d models with their respective textures available. Why??? Sorry if this question seems a bit dumb but I couldn’t find an answer on google.

Unless you are printing in sandstone, texture maps are not needed. Most printers print in a single material loaded into the printer. If you own a dual extruder printer, than up to two colors.

PLA, ABS, PET, and other materials come in a variety of colors.

Thanks for the reply but my printer is ZPrinter 650.

Please, take a look:


WOW ! Z650. Binder Jetting full-color models is certainly a step above what you will find at hobbyist 3D file sharing sites. PLY file format is available at (un-named) web sites. But could eventually will be found at hobbyist file sharing sites, as 3MF file format becomes more of a standard export from designers.

(sidenote) I remember seeing a Z406 in 2009, fell in love with 3d printing immediately.

Most designs on Pinshape are designed for FDM printers. I have one design that comes with a texture map: https://pinshape.com/items/1927-3d-printed-sqweeb that I had printed in sandstone from shapeways.com.

If you find a design you like on the site try contacting the designer and ask if they could upload a version with a texture map even if the texture map is a solid color. Worst case scenario is that you take a existing design and unwrap the model in a program like blender and create a texture yourself.

@nick_schwing @Karen Would adding a search for “designs with textures” be a possibility to add to the website’s search function?

Hi @bruno_de_oliveira_fe,

Your printer is definitely a lot fancier than the typical Pinshaper’s at-home printer! Although @tanya_Wiesner’s suggestion to add a filter for “design with textures” is a good one, we currently don’t have enough demand for it on the platform, based on the printers our users have.

This is likely the same for many other hobbyist sharing sites, as @Gene_Crady mentioned. Hopefully you do find some models that you’ll end up playing around with! You’ve got a great printer :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys. Now I know what to do.

Just a question, I’m planning to print a game character using the Z650. First I made a pose to my model, after that I converted it into an OBJ file using textures. Now I’m plannig to print. The question is… Since the file has a lot of separated groups and backfaces, the printer would be “intelligent” enough to print only the visible parts? Or my file must be ultra specific to the printer?

Also…Hair is impossible to print, right? Because of the alpha channels.

The character: http://luxox18.deviantart.com/art/The-Last-of-Us-Joel-mesh-519989857