What is Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy?

If you have Turkish Airlines tickets that you need to cancel for personal or urgent reasons, you may do so by taking advantage of the airline’s accommodating cancellation policy. Making the most of Turkish Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy, which permits bookings to be cancelled within 24 hours after the initial purchase on the same day without incurring any cancellation fees, would benefit consumers greatly. Customers who do so will be eligible for a full refund, with the stipulation that the booked ticket must be made at least seven days before to the flight’s planned departure. When cancelled within 24 hours, all refundable and non-refundable tickets are eligible for a Turkish Airlines refund policy.

Customers will be required to pay a cancellation charge, which may vary according on the route, fare type, and time of cancellation, if the ticket is cancelled after the 24-hour risk-free period has elapsed. Customers who bought refundable tickets will be reimbursed once the cancellation charge is subtracted from the cost of the original ticket. Except in rare circumstances, when a fixed sum (taxes) may be granted, customers who purchased non-refundable tickets will not be entitled for any refunds.

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