What are Pinshape's material prices per cm?

I am currently not finding any listings of Pinshape’s material prices used in calculating the price of a uploaded mesh. Can someone let me know? I am asking as I would like to build a design tool that automates the process of checking the wall thickness of my mesh for each Pinshape material requirement as well as give me a price estimate for getting the asset printed without resorting to uploading my mesh to the site first.

Never Mind. I figured it out.

Hey Tanya,

This is a tough question. Because we use external providers for printing and they aren’t willing to disclose their pricing formulas to us, we don’t have a great answer. What I can tell you, though, is that the price is not strictly based on material volume. The factors that do come into it, however, are:

  • material volume
  • design volume (including empty space)
  • print time
  • post processing time

From what we see on the site, it appears as though the biggest factor in price is the total design volume, since increasing this decreases the number of designs that can be printed in the same print bed at once. It’s something we are still trying to improve on, to give better info to the community, as well as provide better pricing but it’s not an easy problem to solve.