Ways to get FREE (or cheaper) 3DP STUFF (list) (will keep updating)

As many of you know, filament and various hardware can be pretty expensive, so here is a list of giveaways/sites/accounts to follow for free stuff or coupons.

  1. Quantum3D gives away filament every month on Facebook. Just like, comment, and share for a chance to win.
    http://quantum3dprinting.com/facebook-giveaway/ https://www.facebook.com/quantum3dprinting/

  2. Filament Central posts coupons on their Instagram (@filamentcentral) and Facebook (@Filament Central). As of now, they have a 50% off coupon sitewide! https://www.instagram.com/filamentcentral/ https://www.facebook.com/FilamentCentral/

  3. Rigid.Ink gives away FREE FILAMENT! If you click the link and look at the picture, there’s a bag with instructions on how to enter and win some prizes! https://rigid.ink/collections/sample-packs/products/1-x-free-sample-of-pla-or-abs-no-colour-choice

  4. Reprapper Tech has DAILY deals, sales, and auctions on their filament! http://www.reprappertech.com/

I have been buying from a company called Protoparadigm and have really liked their filament. They sell 200gm spools for $5 and have a decent selection of colors, including translucent colors. Their customer service is very good too.