Water leaking from vase


I did a many hours printing of a vase off pinshape. But when I fill water, it leak a little bit!
Otherwise from printing again maybe with smaller layer height, what can I do now? I cannot see where the holes are but I think the bottom is water coming out.

Thanks very much!

if you print it with ABS, you can use acetone to melt the surface slightly. Or you can use Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating Aerosol. use this to coated the inner of you vase, so you will fill all Holes and isolated the inner from the outer (can be found on amazon / home-depot… etc etc)

Fantasygraph mentioned brushing with Acetone if you used ABS…Methalyne Chloride works the same way with both ABS and PLA. lightly brushing the inside of the vase should do the trick, just don’t breath any in or get it on your hands. In the future use at least 2 shells (but I recommend 3) when printing something you want to actually be water tight.


At the start, Acetone is not good for health… but methylene cloryde (i think that’s what dan speak about…) is way more dangerous (for record, it’s banned from sale in the EU) … i don’t recommand to play with this if you are not very confortable with chemical manipulation…

You can find a product called MEK/ MEK substitute in any home-depot that work on PLA like aceton on ABS…

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If you don’t want to mess with harsh chemicals you could try a glue/water mixture and use a paint brush to apply it. Its a useful method for filling in really small holes but doesn’t give you the nice looking results of Acetone or Methylene Cloryde. An adhesive glue that can stick to plastic would be best and you could probably find one in a craft or hardware store. I’ve used regular Elmers glue on PLA before and then once dry used sandpaper to re-smooth the model. The vase I did this to his still holding up.

Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating Aerosol sounds very interesting. Thanks dan for the names of the chemicels, but i agree I am little nervous about using them. I’ll give tanya’s glue and water mixture a try first. Wonder if it will wash off? I know I do washing the vase once a while. Some glue not very well stuck on if using white glue?

As Fantasygraph says the chemicals really aren’t very good for you so if you don’t feel comfortable working safely with them leaving them alone is probably a good thing.

There’s some other options you could try. Shellac will stick alright to PLA. It’s made from insect secretions and is fairly safe as far as these things go. It dries completely clear and is pourable. You could pour some into the bottom of your vase and swirl it around slowly to get an even coat over everything then pour the rest out, give it a few hours to dry and then add a second coating the same way. That should seal things up water tight. The other option is to paint and sand the outside and then coat with lacquer. It’s possible to get a beautiful finish on a 3D printed piece that way, but it won’t look 3D printed anymore…


If you plan to wash the vase, you could try “Craft Bond” elmers glue. It is water resistant and in a spray can form. Not sure how well it will work on printed plastics since I’ve never tried that particular form but it may be something to look into.

Thank you for suggestions everybody!

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its old topic, but when I used PLA for that purposes, i had all th e time leak issues…

I fixed that by set extrusion width about 30% bigger than nozzle diameter, use two perimeters with OVERLAP of more than 30%… I quess this overlapp is essencial. to completely seal perimeters, and this overlap also helps to another higher layers, which I tested 0.2mm… (this setting is for NON spiral objects of course, and not apllicaple to all models you can find)

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