Unprintable yet it is?

I have done a lot of 3D printing over the years with shapeways, but am hoping to switch at least some of my inventory to be printed via pinshape.

Seems like most of my models are “unprintable” with no clear reason in messages (design needs work is not very helpful). I got someone to look at a few of them and was assured that yes they were printable it was just the automatic software saying they were not.

I have since uploaded more models, some of them almost the exact same models as others that uploaded successfully and again the “unprintable”.

I can’t even see the printing cost or adjust my markups if it get the automatic “unprintable” error.

A) So A fix where I can at least adjust the markup and see the printing cost even if “unprintable” would be great,


B) any way other then slow emails to get my newly loaded items into “printable” status would be awesome.

Eileen Bowen

Hi Eileen,

We’re so glad to have your designs on the site. We’re currently experiencing a few issues with our printability check, but we’re working on resolving those to make the check more reliable.

Thank you for your patience. We’ll let you know as soon as the issue is fixed.