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Turning creative energy into physical matter!


Hello everyone!

My name is Nick and I own and operate a small studio just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Here at 254 Multimedia LLC, or 254MM, we are in the business of “Making Dreams Reality” by artistically branding our client’s idea, or “Dream,” through traditional and/or digital media. Thus creating a visually “communicate-able” product that can generate revenue. We complete our promise of “Making Dreams Reality” by moving the “Dream” from the digital to full-physical “Reality” by the use of leading edge additive manufacturing technology, 3-D printing. If you must label our company… we are traditional/ digital artist, visual communicators, engineers, storytellers, freethinkers… Multi-Media craftsmen… We are 254MM!

Please feel free to contact me on here or directly at [email protected] if you would like to turn your dream into reality!

Thank you,

Nicholas Hall
Founder & Lead Artist
254 Multimedia LLC

[email protected]