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Try me, you never know!

as you can see from my profile, I have worked on various designs, and will give anything a go
please feel free to ask, and if I can help I will


I have a simple design in vector graphics.
Ponoko says they need ‘stroke lines’ added to the drawing for their machine to cut, etch my buttons out.
Here is a Help page describing how to add them.

I don’t own Adobe Illustrator so I can’t add these stroke lines…

Pinshape doesn’t have a function here to upload files so I would have to email it to you if you are interested, thanks!


For some reason, I never got an email from the Forums
so I did not know you responded long ago.

I have a new project I need help on.
I need a UV Map for this simple Robot.
Shapeways made one for me in Sandstone, without a map.
But imaterialize requires one for their colored filament.

I can’t seem to make one in Blender that this website can use- always looks
wonkey…perhaps you can give me an idea how much I am looking at $$ for you to create one…Thanks!
Not sure how to upload the Blender object file.,just this image.