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Transfer files from thingverse


is there a way to have projects stored on thinverse transfered automaticaly to pinshape. and visa versa.


Hi @john_jonmes

Thanks for the question. In order to bring your Thingiverse designs to Pinshape you will first need to login to your account, Select ‘Dashboard’ near the top right of the screen, Click on ‘My Uploads’ near the bottom center and finally just below the My Uploads button you will see, “Import my designs from Thingiverse”. Click on that, add in your details and you should be good to go :smile:


After importing, you’ll probably want to go back thru each items description, and cleanup the text formatting a little bit.


It seems that these instructions are no longer valid… Once your have initially signed in to PinShape, is there some way to import any NEW things from Thingiverse? It asked me once, but at the time, the project I wanted to upload wasn’t there yet… it is now, and I wanted to just import it…


The situation has changed and the above instruction does not work anymore … How do you now import your drawings from Thingivers?


@draekane @Adam_Koscielny - If you click on the cloud to the left of your username (top right corner of website) and select, Upload Design. In there, under your username, again in the top right corner you will see the import Thingiverse Designs. Cheers



here is no such thing as " import Thingiverse Designs".I added print screen.


Is there any assistance with this?


This is not a good first impression from the site…2 years later and still no clear instructions on how to import thingiverse files?