Toy Designer makes appearance at TED, in Vancouver

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OK, so maybe I geek-out a little bit over Michael Sng and his project “Codename Colossus”. What can I say, He inspires me. In just 2yrs, he has taught himself ; 3d-design , 3d-printing , electronics , social media marketing , travels the world showcasing his very expensive custom built toy , and just renovating a new studio.
Production development, based on a centralized theme, just seems like a unique way to stand-out in the market, and maintain focus around the characters that will evolve as part of the story.
Aside from the abundant talent, Michael also has a wonderfully humble, self-deprecating and humorous personality. I hope his adventure continues to be a success, and evokes the imagination of many designers, tinkerers and artist that will follow.


Thanks for sharing @Gene_Crady I am going to have a look at this for sure!

Follow up,
WOW, that is just stunning work. Post processing and all the effort that has gone into Colossus is just outstanding

I got Michael’s work introduced to me also by @Gene_Crady and I have since tried to reach out to him! It’s so well made and intricate!

I think he’s quite busy at the moment prepping for his TED Talks, since I’ve yet to hear a reply. Saw his video on Youtube about his announcement re: doing a TED Talk and his humbleness really shines through. Great guy!

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TEDtalk was on the 16th… Last link is the blog post he sent out last night, about his adventure. Add “great writer” to the list of talents also.
I guess he has made the decision to keep his IP under tight control. And after this weeks Ebay story, that would be totally understandable.

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Whoops— I meant he WAS prepping for his TED Talks! Haha!

Yeah, it is understandable and completely up to him. Great writer eh? Hmm… :wink: