Tolerance of 3d printer

I want to upload a model for the 3d printed men’s fashion contest and I want to know your 3d printer tolerance to make a good mesh in Rhino 3d for my model.
Would you please help me?
Thanks in advance.

General info : for brass/silver polished it is minimum 0.8-0.9 -> 1 mm and 1 mm minimum for any wire like part in the design , including earring hooks , posts , filigree details. For ring minimum recommended it is 1.5 mm band. Valid for other printing services , that it is the limit of real life. Wax can crack …metal can bend.

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@numarul7 Thanks for the answer, but I think these information are for minimum detail is not it?
But I talk about after modeling when you model a design in accurate size and thickness and details we should mesh the model am I right? so for this mesh we need a tolerance sth like .01 mm .001 mm or so.

It is same like here :slight_smile: and other providers.

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