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Thingiverse Importer Not Importing


I chose the import-from-Thingiverse feature 2 days ago, and still no designs from Thingiverse have landed in my Pinshape account. The button to choose to import from Thingiverse has since disappeared from my Upload page, so apparently my request was registered. I read an old post that the importer runs once per day. Any advice?


Any update on this?
Mine too are not being transferred across.


Nope. Seems like Pinshape is losing relevancy. The forum is certainly mostly crickets.


I actually prefer aspects of this site over Thingiverse.

But yes, me too. Still not importing and you can see the difference in dates since the previous post.

BTW, this is using Firefox, an both 64-bit Win 7 and 64-bit Win 10, if that helps.


They keep sending me e-mails to tell me about the sync with Thingiverse, but I can’t see the button to import. I really don’t know how to do it.