Support, support

Hello everyone,

I have been having some issues when printing an object that requires supports. My biggest issue is not while printing them but after the printing is done. My supports seem to not break off very easily or at all, and I have ruined a few prints because of this :sob:. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

This issue could be related to a couple things. May I ask what slicing software you are using? I would check your calibration on the extruder to start. If you are over extruding it could be filling in gap that supposed to exist between the support and the model. I would also check your settings in the slicing software as you may have it set to a zero gap, which is designed for dissolvable filaments.

I have found the automatically generated supports can be a bit excessive at times in general.

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I am running slic3r, and will check out those settings, thanks for your help I will let you know what I find.

I am having some trouble with my Epson M200 printer. When it was connected with my computer it works fine but when I connect it with my HP laptop it shows me an error message Epson printer wf3640 error code 0x69. Give me a proper solution so that I can get rid of this problem.