Stream and Downloads options

Not sure how many people would like to see this implemented but I would like to see a 3rd option in the upload process that allows me to sell both stream and download versions of my designs again instead of choosing one or the other. I thought this was implemented in the early days of Pinshape?

I am suggesting this as potential buyers of my designs on Pinshape are seeking my assets out on other sites. When reviewing my link clicks on social media that have led to sales, I’ve noticed that people that don’t want to buy the streaming version of my designs on pinshape are clicking my provided links to sites I post the downloadable version at and noticing they are more likely to purchase the design from that site.

Same trend with designs I’ve marked as downloadable on Pinshape . People who don’t mind giving up receiving the stl file to save a few dollars by streaming a design of mine are actually looking elsewhere for my postings and are streaming from other sites.

It would be nice to offer the buyer a one stop shop for my designs where if they don’t want to (or can’t ) stream a design of mine and are willing to purchase the download they can and vice versa for those looking to save a few dollars by streaming the design instead.

This makes sense for sure. In the future, we will probably allowing exactly the kind of functionality you are talking about (choose stream or download for the same design listing, each with a different price if you’d like). For now, you can accomplish the same by uploading the design twice (kind of a pain I know, but it will let you accomplish your goals for now) and just setting one as stream and one as download.

Thanks for the great suggestion, I’m sure you aren’t the only one looking for this.


Yes, I second it, it would be nice to offer a different price option depending by the method of distribution!