Speaker enclosure shaped as a basic childhood rocket ship

Hey, so I’ve got most of my components for a portable bluetooth speaker, but am struggling to find a software I can work with to make a basic rocket ship shape. I’m thinking basic 3 legs red and white rocket with a window (which I plan to be the speaker with a nice blue grill over it to look like a window) I was thinking about 6 inches tall with a width of 4 inches (unless smarter more sensible dimensions are recommended) the speaker I have is about 3 inches, and 5 small holes for buttons most likely under the window. I’ve tried three programs so far and just can’t figure it out. Was wandering if someone who’s an expert or even beginner that’s just better than me can make me up a file. Feel free to engrave your logo or initials in it, would hate to claim credit for something I didn’t design. Umm well If anyone is interested or up to the challenge I’m happy to give you way more info and maybe some pictures if needed. Pm or comment. Thanks!