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Solidworks help please!

Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me, I had a design made for me by an unknown student at a local college as I was unable to do this myself - I payed £300 only to find that it had been done with solidworks student edition and I can’t make any changes to my design, I found this out by using a trial version of solidworks, can anyone help me remove the" Educational version or Instructional Use Only " in feature tree?, or help me to change the file to open up in something else other than solidworks so that I can make changes to work that I payed to be created, many thanks, chris.

If the student charged you for a model he created on educational software, he violated the terms of his agreement with the software company. But if he were to upgrade to a commercial version. He could load then re-save without an issue. At least you use to be able to when I used autocad.

I don’t see a method to send a private message in this system.

Chris, I have access to the full version of Solidworks at my office and may be able to assist you. You can send me an email at my username with yahoo dot com appended to it.

Hi Chris,
Thats very bad of that student to serve you like that.
If you can share the design with me, i may be able to help.