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Sketchup to print assistance

Developing an assistance platform for avid sketchup users and conversion tactics for 3D printing
Assistance given and guidance expected

Hey Rifle_Creek,

So to be clear, you’re developing this software? Is this a service you are looking to provide to people? If so, how do they get in touch with you?

be kind to your fellow community members

Not software. Was hoping to have a place that could provide assistance with the use of sketchup as a medium for 3 D printing. Not trying to sell anything. Contact would consist of asking questions right here in this forum. I have experience but could use advise from time to time. Will help whenever I can. If this isn’t appropriate ignore or delete the forum. If you have a question ask… and so on

Oh cool, yeah that makes total sense, awesome. Sorry I misunderstood before. Great idea!

Ohh thats really owsome and i appriciate the sketch made up in the paint assistant

you can checkout some of my work that also make good sounds in 3D Design on