Silver casting from (lost) wax prints

The % listed for silver and the alloy materials don’t add up.
The designs I’ve seen others list that ought to suit production in metal are not shown with any sprues, risers or gating.

This currently would seem to place the challenge of setting up adequate molten metal and air relief paths on pinshape staff, to be added to the models. Is this your preferred method, or would you like us to set these up?

(note that this adds complexity to the purchasing and listing options to have pre-prepared models that may no longer be suitable for plastic printing.

For people who haven’t tried metal casting before, a SPRUE is a funnel and pipe going to the lowest level of the model cavity. This connects to the model cavity via a GATE and RISERS are provides at highest points to ensure eacape paths for air that the molten metal displaces. All this is provided in positive detail with wax (or clear PLA for FDM) and then coated in a ceramic slurry, dried and then the wax is melted and burnt out (LOST wax) The dried ceramic slurry can then be protected in a sand bath and filled with molten metal through the sprue’s funnel. After cooling, the model is removed and the ceramic is broken off.

Hi Graham,

No, you don’t have to set up air relief paths.

Thanks for asking!