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Shining 3d Einstart 3d Printer software?


Received a Einstart 3d printer. Have no complaints. Works right out of the box but now I am ready to load my own designs to print on the machine. Unfortunately the manual is a little sparse as to where to go on the shining3d website to download the software to generate gsd code. Web searches turn up nothing. Can anyone help?


Never mind. I found it. I did not realize I had to check the the SD card inside the printer.


Congrats on that contest win!


Nice looking printer, especially that 4.4" OLED touchpanel.
How do you like the software ?
I found Shing3D with researching photogrammetry options, and was impressed with their plethora of 3d equipment. It looked like they were going to be combining 3d “model design” and “printer control” in to one software package ???
That would make sense given the “full-range” of 3d file formats they would be using, but are they being proprietary ?
What kind of files can you import ?
What kind of files can you export ?
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So far I am not fond of the software. Can’t modify raft settings. No brim/skirts when I don’t want a raft. Print settings configurations is a very short list. So far what I’ve been able to print on the einstart takes 3 times longer than it does on my printrbot. Anything I’ve printed sofar with a layer height of 0.2mm looks like crap. 0.15 gives better results. A bit wastefull on the support material generation too and I’ve found nothing yet that would give me control over that.

Only can load/ save out stls, hex, and some other binary formats. Took me a while to figure out where the program was saving out the .gsd code so I could put in on the sd card. The touch panel feature on the printer is nice as it allows offline printing. The magnetic bed plate is nice too. When the printer is done printing can take the bed plate off for easier access to get the print off.

Final conclusion so far, despite lack of info in the manual it is a good beginner’s printer as it was set up to make printing as simple as possible but lacks many settings a intermediate/advanced user would want.


@tanya_Wiesner have you looked at Simplify 3D slicer? It’s 150$ so not cheap but supports a ton of printers…if the Einstart doesn’t work with it by default setting up a profile is fairly trivial. It has all of the advanced options you could ever want and is the fastest slicing program I’ve ever used. I would say from a looks point of view the only slicer I’ve used that looks better is the Makerbot slicer, from a functionality stand point There’s nothing else that even comes close…

It might be all you need to make the Einstart more functional for you…



I’ve looked at simplify3d. Not seeing shining3d’s printers on the list. I use cura with my printrbot but am making the transition back to repetier-host due to some of the slicer improvements they’ve done.


Thx for the early impression. .gsd, hmmm, there goes “Slicer” options.
SW and FW links, are working now on their website. Win8.1 wouldn’t open the setup.exe for 3dSTART, but a Win7 machine did, once it is thru loading 9months of updates, then, 7zip, python27, C++editor.(hope RepG doesn’t mind sharing those file paths)
Default Printer speeds look normal, but is probably being slowed down automatically b/c of “layer time”(didn’t see anywhere to change it) (might speed-up on larger print?) Never heard of “strip rate” before? and no zoom on the view either? ugh.
Does have a clean UI, and will most likely be getting SW and FW updates that will clear up some quality issues…
Here’s a user manual for equivalent brand/model:

Congrats on the contest win, and Best of luck,
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@Dr_Zeus How do you like your Einstart printer so far? Have you used it much yet?


Despite some of the software flaws…the print resolution is excellent. I just re-printed my Alice design on the einstart. Details that were barely showing up when printed on a printrbot show up crisp on the print from the einstart despite taking 3 time longer with the same settings I used on my other machine.


I’ve made the switch over to simplify3d. I’ve noticed straight away that with my printrbot I had to add additional gcode parameters and tweak print settings in the program in order for many of my designs to print correctly. Been getting too many complaints about people trying to print my designs with this program so I’ve finally caved in and purchased a license.


Sorry for the late-ish reply, I was meaning to get around doing a quick review of the printer.

Now one thing to note about my impressions are that it is coming from a complete beginner. This is the first printer that i have owned.

  • Prints right out of the box
  • Came with a full set of tools and test print of their Shining3D Gnome (which I think was printed with my actual printer to test print it on their end since a bit of the same green filament was in my nozzle when I first started up a print)
  • Roll of free filament (PLA)
  • I think Tanya touched on most of the software issues which I had also encountered. It was sort of hard to set up and their 3dStart software could not be installed on my Mac.
  • Otherwise my prints have been coming out great (To my knowledge). I posted a few test prints on pinshape already.
  • Another issue i had was that you did need an external filament roll holder for larger rolls. The roll they give you fits on their machine but the holder on their machine is much too small for regular rolls.
  • I really like how I can remove the print bed when I pause prints to fix anything but this concerns me with it shifting during prints ( so far it hasn’t really interfered with the quality of the prints)
  • I made a ghetto enclosure to help with warping, which reaaally helped a lot and would recommend doing.

Otherwise seems like a pretty good printer. Only downfall is the software but I think for now, as a beginner, it is good enough for me.


With some of the printers that aren’t specifically listed they’ll email you a config if you ask them (This happened with the Ditto Pro I used it with). I’m used to the Makerbot Software and the biggest thing missing that drives me nuts is the rotate snap to 90deg. Print directly to printer over USB could also be better with cancel print buttons and restart button on the preview window, but overall I’ve found it to slice more reliably than other software, and the supports are awesome…

It’s pretty expensive for a stand alone slicer, but I’m hoping they keep improving it and that it turns into something as clean and solid as you’d hope.



Sorry to bring this post back from the dead… I just got a Einstart and was trying to convert to Simplify 3D. I can barely connect through USB but definitely cannot manage to send prints through it. Did Simplify work out of the box for you?


S3d doesn’t work with a einstart. I think it maybe because a einstart doesn’t use g-code but it’s own variation. Software for the einstart is on the sd card but it is also downloadable from the shinning-3d site. You need to use that software to get the machine up and running.


Ahh bummer thanks Tanya. I have been using the supplied software but was hopig for some 3rd party goodness.


I found a newer version on their Chinese site and had to translate but the software was in English so that worked. The software they packaged kept shutting down as soon as I opened it but all better now. here is the link I went to:


Good to hear that you found it by yourself.


hi i know this is a year later. but i just got a Einstart-s cheap the SD is missing found the software online but don’t have the license. Does anyone have a way around that?