Shell Architecture

Hello :slight_smile:
I bought my Creality 10mini 5 days ago and I already need your help!
I am new in the world of 3D-Printing and I have in 2 days my Project-midterm-review.
I already have print 2 test objects (cat and cube) and they looks really god!
But now I have to print difficult objects,
I want to print 3 different Models but they have (I think so) all the same Problem.
They are Shells and Surfaces/Polysurfaces with holes.
What can I do to print it? I have already read a lot but I can´t find the solution at jet.
Thank you :slight_smile:


What program created the object files?
I use Blender and under Edit Mode- select Vertices- then 'remove doubles.

I also click- ‘Face select’ and check to see if all Faces are clearly defined. :mag:

then I submit object or stl files to a place like- 3DHUBs online checker for further proofing of the files for any faults…They have a good proof reader which will tell you issues, until you worked them all out. :nerd_face: