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Saturn Sky Model!


Heyo! I’ve had a buncha free time this summer and have decided i would like to do a project car after i get through the rest of high school and college. And go figure i choose the Saturn sky, a car they made only 3,400 of. I’ve scoured the internet for about 45 minutes with no sauce on finding a model, stl,or so on.
Before i go into anymore details, my budget is free ninety nine for this so if your looking for cash, sorry im not setup for online transactions. Back to the description!
An accurate scale model of around 1-32 or so, maybe bigger is what I could really use. I would like to use this to make changes to the body and aero so i can test their effectiveness in a wind tunnel at our CTE center to see what mods i would actually do in about 7-10 years. I simply do not have the skills, time, nor patience for this project. So I found this!
Feel free to reach out at [email protected]
P.S I understand if you take one look and say ew no cause of the lack of physical payment other than simple satisfaction.


If you find someone willing to commit to such an involved project as creating a model of an existing automobile, you’d have a model file. If you do not learn how to use modeling software, how will you make the changes to the body in order to test your model in a wind tunnel?

You may consider also to refine your search skills. There is at least one model made of the saturn sky motor vehicle at although it is clearly outside your budget. The price listed is astonishingly low, and is about one-third the value I would assign to such work.

Good luck