Sale of free 3d print designs on ebay

Interesting article found on When eBay Sellers Try to Defend Their Illegal Sale of 3D Models from Thingiverse, Comedy Ensues

It is one thing to offer prints of printable designs, but at least honor the license and credit the designer :weary:


I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has methods for embedding copyright metadata into STL files. That would certainly increase the liability of abusers for infringement as the files themselves would contain the copyright information.

I would also like to see Pinshape add a readme file to the downloads that contains the creator’s specified copyright links.

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Yeah, I’ve also been following this closely since Louise posted on the 3D Printing G+ group. It is saddening how little respect the eBay seller had towards the 3D designers he was taking from as a whole.

And while throughout all the discussions regarding this incident, no one seems to be able to say what the law will rule (obviously, it should be for the original designer.), it’ll be very interesting to see some sort of precedence set as a result of this.

@bikejunky98, that’s a good suggestion. Will note this down for future discussions with the team!

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