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Purchasing is temporarily disabled due to a server issue


I’m unable to buy a design. I repeated the purchased many times in different days, but same message.
What server issue there is ?

Thank you for support


since start the covid 19 that function kinda stop I hate that :frowning:


Hi, do we have any infos of when it will be possible to download files ?



Pinshape sent an email that they dont known yet and well yo ucan download the free models :frowning:


Nice. I will purchase the 3d-printed-subculture-submarine. There is no free model. . . . :frowning: My child is crying for the submarine since many days :frowning:


So did they fix this issue, it still seems to be happening to other items trying to purchase.


Same here. Trying to get the cable BFG files and no purchase option working


I just joined a few days ago to try and print a bracelet for my daughter. It’s the one design she has liked and I can’t download it because of the purchase problem. It renders the site virtually useless to me.


Never mind. I found the design on another site - for free. Goodbye!


I’m stuck with the same error, can someone fix it or we blame COVID for this?


does anybody know if this will ever be fixed I have been trying to purchase a model for days with no luck.



No one’s have a will to fix it?. Ok , I’m gone then


What a site, tried to buy some plans and i get the server issue error. Then i get an email from Pinshape asking if there is anything they can help with. I reply and the email bounces back. What kind of site is this?? I see this bug has been around since earlier this year.


Same issue. Cant buy 3d models. What’s the problem ? Is there a any solution ?


So it is already eight months without bugfix (according to another thread purchase problem persists since May 2020).Looks like it won’t be fixed anytime soon =\


Still not working in January. That is too bad.


It is now March of the next year and there’s still no fix. What a shame.