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Purchasing disabled do to server issue


Anyone know how long this is going to last? Thers shit i wanna buy


Good question, just tried purchasing something and got the same server issue message :frowning:


I would also love to know , I would also like to buy a model , Do they not have IT checking there website out , can give them a number for a better host if they like .


I’m afraid your problem is related to mine: every time I try to upload a 3D model to sell, it appears as a free download.
And right now is November…


Thank you so very much for the update and your feedback. I suggest uploading a Low-poly or Low-detail version of your model for the upload, and for the main display image, you’ll have the full-res version of the model.

Now, in the description, you’ll detail that the Full Resolution of the model is downloadable on Your Website/Blog, and on your Site you would have a Payment client, in which the user can obtain the model after payment.

The site you direct the customer to can also be something like, Etsy, or Cults3D, both allow for Paid 3D model listings.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you and everyone the best of luck.



Also, I’ve remembered that, Paid Models would be displayed as Free to download, if the uploader of the model is viewing it. To test this, you may open the link to your listing in a private browsing Window or log out of your account, then the listing should be displayed as the paid price.

I hope this helps. Thanks.