Purchasing a 3D model

Hi there. Im not very familiar with the 3D printing business and had a question regarding the purchase of a 3D model. I do not have a printer myself, though a friend of mine does. Am i able to purchase the model and then send it to him, so that he can print it? How does all this work?
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This is Alice.Su in China and work in rapid manufacturing. In my role, I look after and support development engineers who need to produce custom parts.

In our facility, we have high-precision machining centers, utilize a 3D printing, CNC Machining, Injection Molding, and several rapid prototyping processes, all in-house.   

Would you be interested in our service or if you have any specific needs? Welcome to send me the STL/STEP/CAD...files for quotation.   

You can also upload your files to get a price list by yourself on our website: [www.wenext.hk](http://www.wenext.hk/) If you are satisfied with our price and want to make an order, please contact me for production and delivery for you.

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