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Professional 3D Modeling and Sculpting Services



I am a professional 3D Modeler with a background in creating and designing 3d characters, vehicles and environments for miniatures, 3d printing and movies.
My abilities and services extend to any 3d model whether it is a miniature, toy, sculpture, mechanical parts, jewels and anything else you can imagine!.
I am very passionate about my craft and will be happy to work with all prospective clients on any modeling project!

You can check out a few of my previous models and sculpts at

I can be contacted directly at [email protected]

Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with you!



@Nikolay_Dimchev Looks like you have some cool work. Are there any details you’d like prospective clients to have prepared when they contact you? How much information do you need to know about a project when first getting started with them?
ie: pictures, descriptions, price range etc…


Hey Nick!

I’d like to be contacted with as much info as possible from all of my clients. The more they can tell me or show me about their concept/idea, the better it will be. It’s one thing saying you want a cool character done and a whole different story when you tell me who that character is, does the character have a story, are there pictures/concepts that come close to what you want and so on. The more the information, the more unique and detailed the character (model) will be. That’s the difference between, for example, making a generic elf and making Lorgar the Dark Elf Magician who has defeated entire armies with the flick of his wrist, who has lost his family and wears a pendant that reminds him of them. The difference is obvious. Lorgar can be an awesome character. Unique. The generic elf can only be… well, generic.

I also welcome all and any ideas. Even if you just have a small clue of what you want. I will work with everyone to polish those ideas and create an amazing model they can really enjoy having. If you’re willing to think about your ideas, I’m more than willing, and happy, to make them a reality!

Oh, and in terms of price range. It is, of course, always good for me to know how much my clients are willing to spend. My rates, however, are flexible and if I have the time to take on another project prices can always be negotiated to fit both of our requirements and needs.

I look forward to working with everyone! :smile:



Currently available for hire!
Check out my portfolio at!


Available for hire! :stuck_out_tongue:


I need a simple bottle designed that I can print out on my Lulzbot mini printer. It is the bottle that is on the back of the Boozefighter MC logo. Can you do that?


Absolutely. Please, e-mail me at [email protected] with any details and requirements, so I can reply with an offer.
Thank you.