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Printer is not in the list



I am using a new 3D printer “86Duino Enjoy” ( ).

I have some prints to upload, but this printer is not on the list, so I can’t upload.

Could you add this printer into the list?


I submitted my Sunhokey Prusa i3 clone and haven’t seen it on the list yet.

But the list is long enough, it needs an alphabetical index.


Agreed (about the Alphabetical listing) I have done the same I just use one they have in the list then i make sure to make a comment letting them know which printer I use.


+.1 on the request . Just found out this place and loving it. Uploading my first print - were unable to find Ender-2 in the list - Had to chose CR10 and leave a comment what it actually was. hopefully it can be thought of somehow as new models come out literally monthly .



Tried to upload images of a print but can’t because the Sparkmaker FHD isn’t in the printer list. I’ve submitted it in the Printers section, but can’t upload in the meantime while it waits for a review. There should be an “Other” or “Miscellaneous” option in the printers list, as new printers seem to be releasing every week and waiting for a manual review for a printer to be added is a pretty major hurdle for community participation, not to mention that it isn’t immediately obvious how to add a printer.