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Pinshape site abandoned by Admin!

With the growing amount of sex ads on the forums, pirated material in the general listings, uploads being blocked and payments, purchases and payouts all failing I have become concerned with the management of the Pinshape site.

Things happen and maybe the admin have been busy but there has been no official response to any of these basic features in all of 2019 and 2020. Hopefully it’ll come back, but it means that Pinshape has been abandoned by its admin staff.

Please exercise extreme care when downloading any file you may be able to during this time.

Maybe soon we’ll get an update and Pinshape will become a safe and trustworthy site to do business on, again. Until then, watch out for yourself.

~Dan Wulf


Catch ya on Gumroad I guess.

I came here about 2 months ago to buy an articulated horse file I found on Youtube. I of course am not getting past the test charges screen. No support on this forum.

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I prefered Pinshape to Thingiverse because it had more complete prints (as opposed to parts).

Unfortunately, my 3d printer has nothing to do with illegal movies and s3x ads…

Please do something, or this website’s dead for the count…

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Considering the last blog post was from two years ago, there are reports of people not getting paid, and the general disarray of the website, I would assume it is dead in the water. Download what you can and bounce before some spyware gets uploaded, if it hasn’t been already.