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Pinshape email delivery loop

HI, Zach, Lucas !!

Looks like both of you have set your Pinshape emails to forward to each other…
[email protected] :
Message not delivered
There was a problem delivering your message to [email protected]. See the technical details below.
The response was:
A delivery loop was detected which causes this email to be undeliverable.
Ooops !!

No problemo, but I remember when our site got a smart new phone system. A couple of weeks later, there were so many ‘diverts’ & ‘forwards’ set that the system fell over. The only live lines left were one to the security lodge, and a ‘legacy’ into our lab…

Pinshape email delivery loop is well structured to sending the email. For instant support related to the Recover Forgot Aol Mail Password please contact our team for the best solution.

What does “well-structured” mean in that context?
I received email from “Zach” soon after joining. When I replied, I also received bounces that say

Message not delivered

Your message couldn’t be delivered to [email protected] because the remote server is misconfigured. See technical details below for more information.

Does it sound well to you?

Hey, can you share more details about it, then will be able to share my views on it, sometimes the email loops are creating some error but these are address able. You can also check out how to hold pin pong paddle and these information are really helpful for you.