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PayPal payments

I was contacted by someone asking if they could pay for my design with PayPal, and reading the Pinshape FAQ, it only says credit cards under accepted currencies.

Are there any plans to add a PayPal feature for purchases?



Same here. I’m not sure why this option wouldn’t be available, as we as designers do get paid via Paypal.
Please let me know if there is any update regarding it! Cheers

Hi @Braddock and @MorenaP,

We’ve seen the suggestion for PayPal support a few times and it’s certainly something we’re paying attention to. Currently, all payments are processed through Stripe which should accept most credit cards. Implementing PayPal support is a bit of a challenge but we’ll sure make to announce any changes in the future.

@Braddock Thank you! It’s a client request, I’m sure he’s aware there are other method of payments but he doesn’t have a credit card.

As a potential pinshape customer, I will not buy a design from you using anything but PayPal. I have no idea if you’re legit or not. The guy I use for 3D printing has never heard of you either. No way I’m giving you my CC number. Even Home Depot accepts PayPal now. Unreal an online retailer such as PinShape does not accept PayPal.

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Hi there, thanks for expressing your concerns. The security of our customer’s sensitive information is very important to us which is why we decided to use Stripe as our payment processor. They are similar to Paypal and accept most credit cards. We will be sure to post any updates if we decide to start using Paypal as our payment partner.

I own no credit cards, In the Nerthelands payment by bank transfer is the norm. I have PayPal (for payments on Ebay), but for now I can only use freee designs, I would buy some designs i like, but i can’t. please add a PayPal feature for purchases

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I live in Belgium, I own a credit card (but, of course, not accepted by your popup) … I have paypal account, added it to ‘settings’ on your site (had to create a pinshape account for this, google account not good enough apparently) … but then when I try to pay someone, only that card-popup-window shows … no possibility to select paypal. This is realy sad in 2017.
Why am I putting my paypal account in settings, if I cannot select it as payment method ??!!
So, a bit disgusted, I contacted the user apart from your site, to see how we can arrange things by ourselves…

Hello friends, I live in Turkey, pinshape is new registration, I want to add nice and good quality models and sell, but paypal is not serving in turkey anymore :frowning: Is there any other provider I can get another payment?

Have just registered in order to buy a design. How have you still not allowed to pay by Paypal in all this time?

The ‘pay now’ popup looks sketchy as anything. ‘Undefined’ in the title.

I’ll echo ‘The Beach Today’ comment from May 2017. No way I’m giving over my CC even if it is Stripe (which it doesn’t say it is.)

Long story short; the designer of the file I want is now not getting an order because of it.

Correction: the designer IS getting an order - but through, which does support Paypal.

I think there are different ways to check add payments in the card, you can use the digital wallet and other options to add payments then make your purchases. As we know cards maybe create some issues to add the payments.