Part jointing for newbies

Hello, I’m new here and I do not have 3D printer, I can’t make experiment, so I will ask questions for experienced users. Now makes the model in a blender, and I want to join the two parts by means of the cylinder (see. picture), if I will set a same diameter of the outer and inner diameter (ie, close connection), whether in real life, the printed pattern are connected in such a way?
Sorry for my english :slight_smile:

p.s. diameter is 2mm

If I understand you correctly, you want to know if you set the outer diameter of the cylinders the same as the inner diameters of the holes that they will fit into each other after printing?

If my understanding is correct then I would say no. If you printed the models with exact precision then you would more than likely need to drill out the holes a bit more to get the second part to fit. Or, you can design a little wiggle room by making the inner hole diameter slightly bigger. It may be just a good idea to print in drill out the holes afterwards.

All printers print differently, depending on many many aspects, so with saying that it is not very likely to get spot on precision with your prints.

Hope that helps.

There is a very good article on press-fit parts here

I have used octagonal/hexagonal pins in round holes and round pins in hex/octagonal holes with very good success.

Yes you understood me correctly.
Thanks for answers.
P.S, I have also found information that it is possible to do small cylindrical connections with a gap in 0.5mm.

I was a noob before with 3d printing but i learned alot from the site that my friend gave me
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