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Order Print From Designer


Suggesting this idea as I get more requests for print work of my designs than purchases of the digital file. Maybe a nice feature to have in the future for designers with their own printers is to allow users to order prints from designers? Figured the designer could have a check-box in the submission process to showcase a “order print” from the designer button to show up on the design’s page. This in the upload process would then expand into a new field where the designer could set the price, shipping costs and any possible shipping restrictions. Pinshape then would handle the financial transactions (so add pinshape’s percentage to the final price).

Once the designer gets a notification for a print order, the designer can then print their designs of their printer and ship it to the individual. When the designer ships the product, pinshape transfers the money to the designer.

I’m sure there is some kinks in the idea to hammer out if people find this as a possible feature they would like.


That’s a great idea! I’ll add a extra spin to this idea, as I have a ton of Super Treefrogs already printed in many colors and ready to ship!

It would be nice, with the “order to print from designer” option, to give 2 choices, in order to add flexibility to designers personal situation (In my case I don’t print by my self, as I always use a 3rd party service).

  • In one option, the photos/list of the 3d prints done and ready to ship.
  • in the other, the filaments available for a “print on demand” option. That will means that the time of shipping will be longer than the “ready to ship” one.

Designer should be able to fill one or the other options, or both.

If that happen, please, do not charge extra fees on the shipping, only on the 3Dprinted model price!

Hope this helps.


I am facing the same problem with my design. Lot of people liked RainBerry case and want it shipped as a bundle.


This is something I definitely think would be great to bring to them team for futher discussions. It’ll require setting more guidelines in place, and implementing will take a while, but I personally think this is worthwhile. And probably a rating system so that there’s quality assurance.

Thanks for the suggestion @tanya_Wiesner!


Have Pinshape consider alternatively an option for printing via 3DHubs? That may facilitate issues like shipping and timing.


We have once worked with Sculpteo, but we refocused our efforts because we realized offering print services on the side created complications on our end, and didn’t fit with our end goal of providing printable designs for home printers. However, there recently has been lots of new integration with print services like 3D Hubs. It’ll be interesting to see if having a relation with a more “neighborhood” style service will be less complicated and beneficial!


I think 3D Hubs would serve better the scope, other than convenience, right because it’s mainly offering services with desktops 3D printers :wink:


MorenaP is right.

Pinshape isn’t listed on 3dHubs. Thingiverse is though: Link

It may be beneficial to Pinshape to get listed on 3dHubs as that site also seems to be growing.



I’m a 3DHubs hub. Someone contacted us for printing something from pinshape on stream only. I just want to mention that all streams are currently limited to the personal license which prevent hubs to print as a service for others. This is in respect to the non-commercial rights.



I believe here Tanya, Morena, and pkb81 is referencing their own designs, in which they’re not bound by the same licensing and are allowed to sell their own designs.

However, you’re absolutely right in terms of general streaming designs. Since currently our streaming designs are bound by personal use, third parties printing this out is subject to non-commercial use! — Thanks for clarifying this PM!


Yes,Tanya, It is a good idea, and we also think about it.

And the most difficult place is do make a website which could allow this happened.
and also the type of the document should have encryption.


i am also facing the same with me designs, please help with this!


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